Online Class Schedule

Hello everyone!

First of all, Wish you and your family a very prosperous and healthy Happy New Year-2077 ! We hope you are in good health during this lockdown. Akshar Vidya Mandir (AVM) firmly adheres to the guidelines set by Government of Nepal and is closed as you all know.

In these tough times too, AVM is delivering on its commitment of providing the learning opportunities regardless of the challenging circumstances. It is what makes us unique.

Your wait is over. We are going to start online classes from 16th April 2020 (Thursday). For the first few days, we will run the classes for 2 hours a day. We hope that these classes will not only enhance the knowledge but also keep our students busy and away from all the unnecessary panic caused by the pandemic. Let's start our journey on this untrodden road.

Explore and share. Challenges will be there but with our mutual understanding and co-operation we will come over that too. 

Stay home, stay safe and keep learning because learning must go on.

Click the Links to get the Class schedules appliable from 1st June 2020:

For Grade-UKG (Sunday to Friday 12.05 P.M to 12.45 P.M)

For Grade 1 to Grade 3 click here

For Grade 4 to Grade 6 click here

For Grade 7 & Grade 8 click here

For Grade 9 & Grade 10 click here